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CPS with two contributions to NordiCHI 2020

This year our chair was represented with two contributions at the NordiCHI 2020. The biennial conference “Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction” (short: NordiCHI) took place this week from October 25th to 29th. Florian Jasche and Philip Weber each had 20 minutes to present their long contributions.

Philip Weber presented the paper “Always on the Table”: Revealing Smartphone Usages in everyday Eating Out Situations, which was written in collaboration with the co-authors Philip Engelbutzeder and Jun. Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig. The presentation was placed in the session “Smartphones and Mobility”. For their paper, the three focused on the investigation of smartphone use in eating situations and the identification of design spaces for mobile technologies. However, the methodology of the group sparked particular interest from the NordiCHI audience. For their paper, they conducted a qualitative interview study and a covert observational study to investigate real use behavior in restaurants.

In the session “3D-Printing” Florian Jasche presented his paper “PrintARface: Supporting the Exploration of Cyber-Physical Systems through Augmented Reality”. Together with Jun. Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig, he tries to design ways that enable even inexperienced users to operate machines and especially to understand them. With the help of Augmented Reality, they designed an interface for 3D printers that allows to control real machines through a virtual interface. However, they also paid particular attention to making the operation of machines as intuitive as possible, thus making the machines easier to use. Complex processes inside the machine are made understandable by means of suitable visualizations. This should support the users in appropriating the technology.

Actually, the conference was to take place in Tallinn, but due to the current circumstances, it was held completely online. In order to facilitate the exchange with other conference participants, a digital conference tool was used. However, our participants from 2020 hope for the future that these discussions can soon be held live on site at the coffee buffet again.