Rendezfood – Deployment of social, local and playful approaches for regional advertising concepts in the publishing industry

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Duration: 2019-2022


Sponsorship: EFRE-Förderung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in scope of CreateMedia.NRW

Contact person: Dr. Thomas LudwigPhilip WeberKevin Krings

Online media present daily newspapers with the challenge of rethinking their business model in the wake of declining circulation figures. At the same time, new media also offer new opportunities to increase the reach of established publishers. This is particularly important for the central advertising business and requires the transformation from a mono-media information service to a multi-media, digital service provider. Rendezfood is intended to make this transformation possible. Therefore a platform is being developed for an exemplary field of the catering industry (eventually for the retail business too), which enables new concepts for marketing initiatives. The aim is to intensify customer loyalty through so-called “game mechanics”, i.e. the use of playful concepts in non-playful contexts. To this end, location-based services will be developed that allow better, situational adaptation and provision of information. The customer’s interface is based on innovative interaction concepts such as dating-based chatbots. The personification of the advertised products thus receives specific character traits (e.g. a “moody burger”), whereby the customer can be addressed in a much more emotional way. The realization of the platform as a white-label solution allows smaller, regional daily newspapers to enter the digital transformation process of the advertising market. More information on http://rendezfood.de




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