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Mensch und Computer 2021: Moving into a New Future

From September 05 to September 08, this year’s “Mensch und Computer” (MuC) took place as a virtual conference under the motto “Moving into a new future”. Fortunately, our research group was able to place a long paper, presented and represented by Julia Nießner, and a short paper by von Shi Liu, Sharier Erfan Harun, Florian Jasche and Thomas Ludwig, which was awarded by the scientific community of the MuC.

The short paper Supporting the Onboarding of 3D Printers through Conversational Agents, submitted by Shi Liu, Sharier Erfan Harun, Florian Jasche, and Thomas Ludwig, was chosen as the best short paper of the conference and thus received the “Best Paper Award”. Congratulations go out to all authors and co-authors!

The long paper by Julia Nießner and Thomas Ludwig is titled Design of a Knowledge-Based Recommender System for Recipes From an End-User Perspective. The presentation was recorded and can be watched directly here:

Considering the fact that the conference was initially supposed to take place hybrid, but due to the current Corona situation in the end only took place digitally, the process and the technical implementation were good and enabled discussions and a general exchange. The organizers of MuC hope that the conference can take place in presence next year. The current plan is to hold it in Darmstadt from September 4 to September 7, 2022.