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FUSION – Research-based co-evolution: transformation of the rural industrialized area as a field of action of the University of Siegen

Duration: 2023-2028

Sponsorship: Within the BMBF project „Innovative Hochschule“ .

Contact person: Dr. Thomas Ludwig

Under the term ‘research-based co-evolution’, the project Fusion deals with the transformation of rural industrialized areas in cooperation with the University of Siegen. The project is funded by the federal-state initiative “Innovative University” with 10 million Euros. It is a cooperation of different researchers at the University of Siegen, who aim to let more technologies and ideas flow into rural areas. During the funding period, an innovative ecosystem will be created that focuses on the university’s main areas of research and teaching as well as on the challenges facing the region. These include digitalization, decarbonization and demographic change. In so-called praxlabss, exemplary solutions for the future development of rural-industrialized areas are developed. Here, the focus is on various fields of practice in which concrete research questions are addressed, including work and digitalization, resource conservation and decarbonization, health and aging, social causes and inclusion, and collaboration and post-growth. In addition, there is a practice area for regional development strategy to promote exchange with the region. External impulses are taken up and implemented via another practice field for structural development, networking and reflection. Under the term “work and digitalization”, our working group is primarily concerned with the design of augmented reality-based assistance systems for employees in manufacturing. The focus will also be on the development of qualification concepts for these employees.