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Enzo Frenker-Hackfort

Enzo Frenker-Hackfort
Email: Enzo.Frenker(at)uni-siegen.de


Room: US-D 120 (Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Haus, Campus Unteres Schloss)

Telefon:  +49 271 / 740 5560

Consultation hour: By arrangement


Enzo Frenker-Hackfort studied Media Science at the University of Siegen and, after graduating in 2020, continued his studies in the Master’s program in Human-Computer Interaction.

In addition to his studies, he worked as a student trainee in the field of software development and consulting at GFA Marketing GmbH in Siegen.

Since February 2022, Enzo has been a research assistant at the Chair of Cyber-Physical Systems. His current focus is the support and implementation of the research project “ATLAS”, which aims to support medium-sized automotive suppliers in the region of South Westphalia in their digital transformation. He also supports the European research project EDIH, which focuses on medium-sized transformation processes at the European level.