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Open topics for thesis/projects

In the following you will find current topics for theses, project papers or seminar papers. If you have your own suggestions for topics, please feel free to contact us.

Projection mapping to visually support learning about industrial history in museums

The focus of this project/thesis is the use of projection mapping to optimize the learning experience of industrial history in museums through visual support. Projection mapping allows content to be projected onto complex surfaces, creating an immersive and interactive experience for visitors. The goal of this project is to provide an innovative way to communicate knowledge about industry and history, and to immerse visitors in the story.

– Needs analysis in collaboration with museum representatives: Identify requirements and goals to best integrate projection mapping in the museum environment.

– Conception and design of the projection mapping system: development of a creative and thoughtful design for the projection mapping system to present the specific content of the in a fascinating way.

– Selection and implementation of IoT sensors and devices: evaluation of appropriate IoT technology and sensors to enable smooth capture and analysis of visitor interactions.

– Visualization software development: programming user-friendly software to generate projection mapping data in real time.

– Evaluation and derivation of recommendations: Analyze collected data to gain insight into visitor behavior and derive recommendations for city management to improve museum services based on that data.

This project/thesis provides a unique opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain hands-on experience in technology integration and project management. It provides participants with the opportunity to participate in an innovative project that can take museum learning to a new level.

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