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24. November 2022

Digital Innovation Hub for Europe to be established in South Westphalia

The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) South Westphalia was launched on 01 November 2022. We are pleased to take over the project coordination of the project within the framework of the “Digital Europe” programme.
The goal of the European Digital Innovation Hubs is the transfer of digital technology research to marketable applications. The focus here is on the areas of artificial intelligence, cyber security and the development of deeper digitization competences.

South Westphalia is characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Among them are more than 150 so-called “hidden champions”, i.e. companies that are among the European and global market leaders in niche markets.

The strategic orientation of EU policy and the dual objective of making Europe greener and more digital pose challenges for the rather traditional industry in South Westphalia.

The focus is therefore on providing the best possible support for SMEs in South Westphalia in coping with digitization. For this reason, the strongly European-oriented EDIH represents a particular benefit for the South Westphalian economy with its high export rate. The economic success of SMEs in South Westphalia is based on the know-how of the employees, which has grown over decades. The transformation can therefore only succeed in a relationship of social partnership. Employees should be closely involved in the development of new concepts and receive training.

The EDIH Südwestfalen consists of a strong association of experienced partners. In addition to the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and the Ruhr University Bochum, the Gesellschaft zur Wirtschafts- und Strukturförderung im Märkischen Kreis mbH, the gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für digitalisierte und nachhaltige Zusammenarbeit mbH (DNZ) from Siegen, as well as the HAGEN.WIRTSCHAFTSENTWICKLUNG GmbH are also involved as partners.

Further information is available here.