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New to the Team: Robert Fischbach & Enzo Frenker-Hackfort support us since February 2023

Since February 2023, Enzo Frenker-Hackfort and Robert Fischbach are supporting the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) research group led by Prof. Dr. Ludwig at the University of Siegen.

Enzo Frenker-Hackfort studied the bachelor subject Media Studies at the University of Siegen. Inspired by the final thesis on media interactivity, the master’s program “Human Computer Interaction” (HCI) followed with graduation in October 2022, also at the University of Siegen.

Robert Fischbach studied Social Sciences in combination with the supplementary subject “Europe in Global Change” at the University of Siegen as part of his bachelor’s degree. In his bachelor thesis, he compared the strategies of the EU and the USA for dealing with artificial intelligence from a individual and public welfare perspective. From October 2020 to October 2022, he then also completed his master’s degree in HCI.

Even before employment at the chair, Robert Fischbach and Enzo Frenker-Hackfort collaborated during their studies and wrote a joint master’s thesis on “The role of ICT artifacts in gastronomy. A design case study with a multi-stakeholder-perspective on the service sector”. The work investigated how ICT artifacts can improve processes in restaurants with traditional service in order to relieve service staff and/or enhance the overall experience in the restaurant for visitors. The results of the preliminary empirical study resulted in various ICT concepts, with the prototypical implementation and subsequent evaluation of a “smart coaster” being the focus of research interest.

In the end, both Robert Fischbach and Enzo-Frenker-Hackfort remained with the chair as research assistants after completing their theses and now support the large-scale projects “ATLAS – Automotive Transformation Platform South Westphalia” and “European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) South Westphalia”, among others.