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Progress report on RegioQuest


In the research project RegioQuest playful and location-based approaches are being developed to make companies more visible and training content more tangible. Supporting the matching of training content and places between young people and companies is one component of this project.

In addition, the shortage of skilled workers in the region is to be reduced with the help of the approaches developed. A lot has happened in the RegioQuest project in recent months. The project team was at the career fair in Olpe at the end of April. There were many discussions with eleven company representatives from training companies and in addition several semi-structured interviews were conducted with companies. The research results obtained in this way flowed directly into the further development of RegioQuest as part of the requirements studies (e.g. for the development of a style guide). In addition, another project group meeting of the RegioQuest research project took place in August this year. For Corona’s sake, this time it was not held in the Olpe district hall, but online.

Among others, the project participants from the University of Siegen, the Olpe district administration, the employers’ association for the Olpe district, the Chamber of Crafts of South Westphalia, the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Westphalia-South district craftsmen’s association, the employment agency and Caritas Olpe were registered. During the meeting, Philip Weber presented the latest results of the research work in recent months. For example, four RegioQuest school workshops took place at the Olpe Municipal Grammar School, in which requirements were collected and paper prototypes for the mobile app were designed from the perspective of the young people. Together with the RegioQuest project team, the pupils were able to produce their own creative design drafts. This app is intended to make it easier to search for and find training companies.

In order to further develop the concept, a three-day workshop will take place at the end of September at the St. Franziskus School in Olpe during a project week at the school. Several scientists and pupils will take part. The pupils will then walk around the area in small groups and test the newly developed app with the following functionalities:

– What are the businesses in my area? What do they do?

– What opportunities are offered to me as an apprentice?

– Short videos with authentic insights into the companies

– Location-based quests

We are also organising a web platform workshop in September, where you can try out our platform yourself. You can find information on this in the flyer and also register for one of the dates here.